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Plenary Lectures




 Karen Scrivener    

 Nemy Banthia 

  EPFL, Switzerland  

 University of British Columbia, Canada

Developing a generic approach to durability to enable the optimal choice of materials 

Ultra high performance fiber reinforced concrete: journey beyond strength and toughness 



 Klaas van Breugel

 Paulo Monteiro

 TU. Delft, The Netherlands

 UC Berkeley, USA

 Ageing infrastructure - driving forces and research needs

The importance of cryo-shrinkage in the frost resistance of porous materials



 Jeffery Bullard

 Koichi Maekawa


 The University of Tokyo, Japan

Toward a Virtual Microprobe of Cement Hydration and Deterioration

 Modelling of microstructure development and disintegration of cementitious composite under repeated pore water pressure in micro-spaces




 F.H. Wittmann

 Northwestern University, USA 

Qingdao University of Technology

 Durability of concrete enhanced by addition of nanoparticles

the potential of neutron radiography for the study of durability aspects of cement-based materials 



 Zongjin Li 

 Changwen Miao

 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

 Southeast University

 New techniques for evaluation of the durability and service life

The microstructure optimization and durability improvement of modern concrete 



 Jiaping Liu

Caijun Shi

 Southeast University

Hunan University

Durability improvement technologies for concrete in severe environment conditions and their application

Early microstructure development and shrinkage of UHPC


Peiyu Yan

Pietro Lura

Tsinghua University  

Empa/ETH Zurich, Switzerland

 The shrinkage compensating mechanism of expansive agent in concrete

Early age shrinkage of cementitious materials